VOGUE UK April 2015, Hawaii Five Oh now on TheEditHawaii.com

It's no surprise that Hawaii is one of the most desirable backdrops for photo shoots and campaigns, but it's endlessly interesting to see the variety of ways in which the islands are portrayed through different lenses. Picturesque sunsets, grass skirts and lei are often used to showcase the essence of Hawaii, but it's the subtle hints that we who live here come to appreciate (aloha prints and surf culture still included, of course). Shot on the North Shore of Oahu, Vogue UK's April 2015 issue included these very subtleties in its Hawaii Five Oh editorial. Local model Mahina Garcia and pro surfers John John and Nate Florence sat alongside model Julia Bergshoeff, adding another layer of authenticity and aloha spirit.

Below, the 70s beach vibe that will certainly be infused into my summer wardrobe! 

Photographed by Josh Olins 
Styled by Clare Richardson