Nuage Bleu has been serving up some serious style to Maui's North Shore since 1987. This chic little Paia boutique offers the most coveted fashion brands, while keeping the Valley Isle's laid-back luxe vibe in mind. Recently, the team at Nuage Bleu delivered their very first lookbook, capturing the essence of island life. Fitting, since Hawaii is one of the most luxurious places to spend a staycation—but how many of us actually take the time to enjoy one? Whether you're lucky enough to live in paradise or not, a mindful staycation may be the very thing that makes you aware of the luxuries you already have. (Of course, doing so in fabulous clothes helps, too.)

Sometimes staying home, turning off the phone, unplugging the laptop and plugging in your iPod makes for the best getaway of all...

Sleep in. Drink too much coffee. Pick up that (dusty) book you meant to read 6 months ago. In this all-too-busy world we live in, it's those little things that you just stop doing for yourself that made you what you are today.

We say, skip the plane ticket—dig out your longboard, watch the sunset, go dancing, and find yourself with your four best friends talking on the lanai until the sun comes up.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Samantha Feyen 
MODEL: Stephanie Foster
STYLIST: Teri Larrond 
FEATURED LABELS: Spell Designs | Sundry | RAILS | MINKPINK | Hula Hoops Maui| Emily Amey

76 Hana Highway
Paia, Maui