photo by Kristen Hook Photography

photo by Kristen Hook Photography

One Kailua couple is changing the game in men's underwear and you should know about them. They also need your help...

Just a few weeks ago, EROIX founders Jenn and Parker Ellenburg launched a Kickstarter campaign to humbly ask faithful fans and supporters to help EROIX expand its already-stellar reach. If you're not familiar with the brand, in short, EROIX delivers tailored, high-quality cotton boxers that don't bunch. Unlike mainstream men's underwear, EROIX "underneathwear" has no elastic waistband—instead, men can choose from a button or lace-up closure, that fit much like a pair of board shorts. The result? Sleek, breathable underwear that doesn't shift or squeeze and fit comfortably under any shorts, pants, etc. The brand has also expanded into men's t-shirts that are designed for different temperatures, and an online marketplace for avid adventurers. 

Gentlemen, it's time to upgrade your top drawer. Contribute to EROIX's Kickstarter and everyone wins! In fact, less than two weeks after going live they've already surpassed their goal of $9,000, but add to that number and you're in for some extra special EROIX perks.

Learn more about EROIX in their Kickstarter video below or go ahead and get your shop on here.