To me, sometimes simple is simply the best. Maui-based Shaka Street Soap Works has this theory in mind when making their handcrafted cold-pressed soaps. Of course, the islands are also a huge source of inspiration, as seen in their signature scents such as Lilikoi, Melia (plumeria) and Poni'ala (lavender).

The 8-9oz. bars are made in small batches, in a careful and meticulous process that takes about a month from start to finish, using all-natural coconut, olive and grapeseed oils, along with cocoa butter and other natural botanicals. The brand also prides themselves on its eco-friendly production and packaging (could those wax palm trees be any cuter though?).

A sucker for anything with tropical prints, I was immediately drawn to these soaps at Owens & Co., but was delighted to find that the company has an online store, and soaps can also be purchased at select Anthropologie stores throughout the U.S., and a handful of stores across the islands. For a complete list, click here

These babies will definitely be making my holiday shopping a whole lot easier.