Roam Hawaii's ROOTS collection, summer 2016 //

Well it's been a long (never long enough), hot summer here in Hawaii and I don't know if anyone is ready for it to end. Enter Roam Hawaii—the brand that always keeps you in a summer state of mind (helmed by Hawaii talents Brooke Dombroski and Cassandra Rull, of course). 

The gals spent the day roaming Oahu to shoot the Roots collection lookbook, which of course, takes you back to their roots—aka basking in the sunshine and frolicking in the ocean. The North Shore-based girls even hit up Waikiki for a snap (and a surf session, I imagine!). 

Fellow Hawaii girl Kehau Ai featured in the lookbook mimics the laid-back, hippie vibes that are present throughout the collection. Only a team as authentic as the Roam Hawaii one could make a kitschy grass skirt look stylish. Indeed, after seeing this collection, I'm sure you too will be "having a Hawaii moment."

Shop the collection here.

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