HALEAKALA HAUTE // TheEditHawaii.com

There's more to Maui than the oft-seen majestic waterfalls, beautiful blue skies and stunning coastline. There's Haleakala, for instance. The summit of this shield volcano—which accounts for more than 75 percent of the island—offers a breathtaking backdrop for exquisite fashions. (Plus, with temperatures ranging from 40-60°F, there's more to shoot than just bikinis!) Here, photographer IJfke Ridgley captures Maui girl Stephanie Foster at 10,000 ft. donning fierce furs, rich velvets and must-have metallics from Valley Isle-based brands Sugarhigh Lovestoned and Kojo Couture.

HAIR AND MAKEUP: Kecia Littman
MODEL: Stephanie Foster
LOTHING BY: Sugarhigh Lovestoned and Kojo Couture