Interview with the designers behind UMIBOZU jewelry //

It seems like crystal jewelry became all the rage overnight, but boho babes have been using the healing powers of these organic gems in a fashion- forward way for years (some may even say decades!). I recently came across two local girls who have harnessed the benefits of these metaphysical must-haves in a beautiful way—through wearable art.

Alix Camp and Alexa Coughlin are co-founders of UMIBŌZU, a jewelry line inspired by the mythical Japanese sea creature of the same name. Though the designers now live in a pretty pink house in Ventura, California, they're Hawaii girls—Alix from Hawaii Kai; Alexa from Makaha—and UMIBŌZU was born here in the islands.

UMIBŌZU jewelry is created as armor for women—each piece is consciously designed to fit the female body and the stones are picked for their natural qualities such as strength, clarity and vision. "The latest collection was inspired by yoni power! We aim to create jewelry for the inner goddess in every woman," say the designers and best friends. Plus, Alix and Alexa use certified fair trade gemstones (amethyst, aquamarine, blue lace agate, citrine, opal, pyrite and quartz to name just a few) and recycled precious metals.  

These unique stones made into minimalistic pendants, rings, amulets and body chains can have maximum impact on your outfit and your outlook (if you want to get metaphysical). Below, some of the beauty coming from UMIBŌZU, the designers' favorite spots in Hawaii, and more!

UMIBOZU jewelry born in Hawaii //
Interview with the girls behind UMIBOZU //


ALIX'S FAVORITE BOUTIQUES/RESTAURANTS/FOOD TRUCKS/MARKETS,ETC.: Tokkuri-Tei, Lucky Belly, Gyotaku, Hale Vietnam, Loving Hut… There's so much good food in Hawaii!

ALEXA'S FAVORITE BOUTIQUES/RESTAURANTS/FOOD TRUCKS/MARKETS,ETC.: Tokkuri Tei, Gaku, Andy’s, Tamashiro’s Fish Market and Down to Earth.

IDEAL ISLAND STAYCATION: Sleeping on friends' couches, camping at Malaekahana, surfing at Diamond Head, making trouble in Chinatown…the usual!

THE BEST DAYS ARE SPENT: Acting like fools. We work a lot these days so even going to the grocery store will end up being our playtime. It's so much fun. We're the obnoxious people in the movie theater. Sorry!

BEST BEACH: Yokohama 

CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT: Indigo Elixirs Mocha Rose Stain…We use it on our lips, it tastes delicious and feels great. Plus, it's made with local and organic ingredients in Manoa Valley.  

WE SHOULD KNOW: Young hustler girl Brittany Reis. She's an up-and-coming photographer, only 19 years old and absolutely phenomenal to work with. Check her out on Instagram!

WHY HAWAII?: We were born and raised in Hawaii so it will always be our home. UMIBŌZU was born there, too, so it's inevitably ingrained in the brand and our general aesthetic. Honolulu's youth has a really interesting style that you can't find anywhere else. It's this effortless blend of urban luxury meets surf grunge. We aim for UMIBŌZU to fit in with that look. 

UMIBOZU jewelry //
UMIBOZU crystals //
UMIBOZU crystals //
Honolulu’s youth has a really interesting style that you can’t find anywhere else. It’s this effortless blend of urban luxury meets surf grunge.
UMIBOZU jewelry //
UMIBOZU necklaces  //
UMIBOZU crystal jewelry //

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