BEAUTY: Real Suncover, a Hawaii-based natural sunscreen brand //

If you're looking for a sunscreen that's chemical-free, isn't greasy and stays on throughout your epic beach babe sessions, look no further than Real SunCover. This Hawaii-based brand officially launched two years ago, but only recently landed on my radar and I’m really glad it did.

Co-owners Cherie and Dave were looking for a natural sunscreen that they could use—and count on—in and out of the water. Like many island residents, Cherie’s life is centered around the ocean. She paddles and surfs on a regular basis, and she found herself going through a ton of sunscreens (well-known and high-end brands included), but was never happy with the performance. “It got to the point where I was layering multiple sunscreens in an attempt to get the result I needed,” says Cherie.

So, she and Dave decided to take things into their own hands and created their own sunscreen—and we're luckier for it. "The biggest thing for us was making one that wasn't greasy and wouldn’t affect our equipment in the water," Cherie said, and I can confirm that Real SunCover is just that. It's made out of all natural ingredients, reef safe and effectively protects your skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays. 

Real SunCover is FDA tested and certified, and comes in three different formulas: a clear liquid, a tinted liquid and a convenient tinted stick (they’ll be coming out with a clear stick soon, too), that have a range of 30-32 SPF. I personally love the tinted sunscreen, it feels a little bit like makeup since it hides imperfections (no complaints here!).

If you're looking to make the switch to natural sunscreen, or just want to find one that can withstand hours in the sun and salt water, check out Real SunCover at Hawaiian South Shore in Kakaako and/or online. The Edit Hawaii readers can receive 35 percent off Real Suncover purchases by writing "The Edit Hawaii" in the notes at checkout or by mentioning this post at Hawaiian South Shore. 

Stay safe, fellow sun worshippers!