Malie Organics x The Edit Hawaii

It's safe to say my love for Malie Organics runs deep. From the eau de parfum to the latest shampoo and conditioner that transports you to the tropics with one hair flip, Malie offers an intoxicating mix of luxury spa and beauty products that embody Hawaii.

If you're not yet familiar with the Kauai-based organic beauty, the brand offers luxurious natural products for your skin and spirit. Think beauty oils, body scrubs, diffusers, candles, haircare, travel sets and more. All Malie products are made using wild-crafted ingredients and feature indigenous and local Hawaii flora—so no matter where you are, you're reminded of paradise.

The latest Malie product is the Luxe Cream Bar Soap, boasting a special formula that creates a lather strong enough to use for shaving. Because multitasking in the shower is a no brainer, right? The bar soap is made by a cold process method that keeps the integrity of ingredients (coconut oil, jojoba seed oil and floral hydrosols, to name a few) and also creates a longer-lasting bar of soap.

Not convinced to switch up your shower routine? You can hop on the bar soap bandwagon and receive a free Luxe Cream Bar Soap (valued at $16.50) when you make any purchase at and enter code THEEDITHAWAII at checkout.

You're welcome for turning your shower into a tropical oasis.

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